Stick It To Me!

Stick It To Me is a monthly subscription service bringing you all things sticky. No, not like that - get your mind out of the gutter!

Stick It To Me

Your questions answered ...

What's in it for me?

One (1) unique, fun pin AND six (6) assorted stickers, including one (1) holographic sticker, every single month.


Am I able to customise my Stick It To Me subscription?

Yes, to a certain extent. 

All pins and stickers are randomly chosen every month - that's part of the fun! Who doesn't love pretty surprise mail? :)

BUT there are options for under 18 vs adult-eyes-only.

If you prefer to keep your stickers and pins cute, fun, and family-friendly, simply let us know in the comment section when you checkout.

If you can't wait to receive some dirty, spicy, naughty pins and stickers, let us know you are a deviant in the comment section when you checkout ;)


What themes are the stickers and pins?

You can expect to receive a wide range of themes including: 









Please note, if you choose the adult-eyes-only version, you will receive a mixture of family-friendly products as well.


Can I buy a Stick It To Me pack as a once-off?

Yes, absolutely. Just select the Stick It To Me Lucky Dip rather than the subscription service.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You bet! Simply contact us HERE to cancel at any time. No strings attached.

BUT if you subscribe and pay for six (6) consecutive months, you will receive a BONUS gift of one of our pin display banners.

These round, wall-hanging banners hold up to 80 pins and are perfect for displaying your pretties, as well as keeping them safe and secure. 




Check out some example packs below.




Purchase your once-off Stick It To Me Lucky Dip pack HERE

REMINDER: Don't forget to add a comment at checkout regarding the naughtiness level.